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April 15, 2021
South African Music
Ami Faku

Sun-El Musician x Ami Faku – Into ingawe


Sun El Musician returns from a self induced haitus to duet with brand new breakthrough artist
Ami Faku.The track is set at the right tempo that we’ve grown accostomed to expect from the
“Akanamali’ hit maker and the periodic yet unpredictable baseline seals his touch. The track will
resonate with masses as it dabbles between gospel synths and uplifting maskandi sounds. True
to the radio friendly length of below 5 minutes, this will undoubtedly become a sing along
anthem. Ami sings in her native Xhosa language, diseminating a sense of victory, hope and
purpose to our usual everyday struggles. Is is nothing you have heard before, music that seeks
to fill that void of what one can play at a road trip


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